What to Do in Case of Roof Damage

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Homeowners can’t really predict when a bad storm would strike that will cause damage to their roofs. As a homeowner, you can rarely predict when harmful weather will hit your home. But what’s more important is for you to know what to do if these instances occur. Shingle roofs can easily be damaged by rainstorms, ice storms, and windstorms.

If that happens to you, here are some tips that you can do right after the worse is over. Don’t forget to request for the services of the best roofing company Pittsburgh PA to help you out with this ordeal. Their services are going to be crucial, especially if you hire them to do some repairs right away.

1. Assess the total roof damage.

After experiencing severe weather, what you should do first is to evaluate the situation. Approximate the damage sustained by your roof and if you need to discuss a claim for repair from your insurance provider. Be sure to assess the damage in broad daylight so you can give accurate information to your insurance company and service provider. That way, you won’t have problems with billing and payments later.

Estimate the overall area that was damaged and what damage was incurred. Note the seriousness of the problem and look closely to determine which areas are missing shingles. Sometimes, there are only a few lacking shingles. Sometimes, the damage may be quite extensive. This is why accurate assessment is very important.

2. To minimize damage, perform some temporary fixes.

Repair a broken area of the roof right away, especially if the damage is too severe it will affect your living spaces. This is true in the case of leaking or if the roof structure has been compromised. If you must deal with leaks, place a garbage can or bucket in the area and remove all items that can get wet. Minimize interior damage as you possibly can. Waterproof the area with serious damage by using strapped tarping or water and ice membranes. If you can repair the singles immediately, that’s even better.

3. Get in touch with your insurance company.

Assess whether the roof damage is extensive enough for home insurance coverage. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to hire reputable roofing contractors to do the repairs directly. When storms struck big residential areas, homeowner’s insurance coverage can be used instead because, at that time, most roofing contractors are busy.

4. Contact a reputable roofing contractor to help you with the repairs.

Always hire skilled and licensed roofing contractors if you would rather have private contractors to handle the job instead of wait instructions from your home insurance company. Avoid hiring local contractors who are up in the neck with service requests from other residents in the area. Traveling contractors aren’t advisable as well because they usually don’t have a reputation to back them up. For more information, be sure to consult the experts in Roof repair pittsburgh. They will surely provide you with different ways and means to get your roofing back into its most functional form.

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